Computers are Fun






made Sally Pryor in 1988; soundtrack by Andrew Quinn

an experimental video art-work that playfully explores possibilities, relationships and intersections between gender, art and technology. Barbie (a role model for young girls), confidently manipulates the computer and leads the way, ending by introducing a note of caution, "Use With Care"

produced using a Quantel paint box to digitise, manipulate and animate the images which were subsequently combined and re-worked in post-production

with help from Jill Scott and Felicity Coonan



Independent Awards, Australian Video Festival 1988;

also selected for

Bad Toys, the Australian Centre for Contemporary Art, December 1994

An Eccentric Orbit a travelling survey exhibition of contemporary Australian electronic media art; premiered at The Museum of Modern Art, New York in December 1994; exhibited in leading galleries, museums and media arts centers in USA and Europe