Sally Pryor

Sound Designer and Composer

Mick Girasole

Installation Design and Construction

Peter Stronach


Gold, incorruptible, product of corruption.
Gold, incorruptible, produces corruption.

Maceration and Purification
Didier Gille, Zone 1/2 1986

An interactive multimedia sculpture in the collection of the Ballarat Fine Art Gallery

An artistic exploration of the cultural, spiritual and alchemic meanings of gold

The interface design aims to minimize intimidation - viewers simply press different typewriter keys to initate each of the over 40 different audiovisual stories about gold, each composed of voices, music, sounds, images, animations

Also available as a CD-ROM


Why do we care so much about gold?

How can it be associated both with the divine and with money, "the root of all evil"?

What are its phyisical and chemical properties? What do we use it for?

This work explores the multi-faceted meanings of gold, drawing on chemistry, alchemy, history, geometry, commerce and everyday language