» On medication 2013

A multi-media exhibition - Sally Pryor, Carlo Golin, Bill McDonald



The starting point was Carlo and Sally's separate collections of their medication packaging. Thus, Carlo had everything involved with his anti-stroke medications and Sally all the bottles for her thyroid medication.

This formed the foundation for an exhibition that explores the experience of being on medication and incudes painting, sculpture, photography, video, animation, fridge magnets and audio. Carlo investigates his stroke while Sally responds to what’s said about medication, particularly on Twitter. And musician Bill McDonald created a soundscape that expresses the experience of being in hospital.

Twills (tweets about pills) by Sally Pryor

Twills is a generative video work, dynamic and mostly text-based. It was projected on the wall in the show and explores the roles of medication in contemporary life and the complex responses people have to these.

I harvested twitter for several months in 2013 looking for interesting tweets containing the words pills or medication and built a database of over 500 tweets. Then I wrote a program to assemble random collections of tweets into structured collages of these many different hopes, fears, problems, solutions and experiences of medication. People are remarkably candid on twitter and their tweets are thought-provoking in themselves, but when they are combined in unexpected ways, new stories are continually generated.

play TWILLS includes tiny sample of McDonald's soundscape and requires Flash plug-in

Drug Dress on the left by Sally Pryor; Side Effects on the right by Carlo Golin